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pinkk-marmalade: THANK YOUU for creating such awesome themes! :D

Thank you too <33

me2go: Wow *-* You're amazing I just have to follow you x3

Thank you so sooo much!! :) And thank you for using my theme <3

onbepaald: I love your blog and i love my new theme i got from here thank you!!! your amazing :D

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you loved it <3 You’re amazing too! Followed :)

i-like-fairy-tales: dear ! your blog is fantastic i love it !

thank you so soooo much! <33

justaddsugarrr: Haii ♥ your blog is so pretty and your nail art and photography skills is seriously awesome! D: I wish I was as talented as you!! Oh and im using one of your themes ^_^ hope that's okay with you! ♥♥

This, so far was the best message I’ve ever received here in tumblr. Thank you! And no, I don’t mind :) Thank you so much again! You really made my day! <33 I’m thinking of posting my nail arts here too <3

madonnahakim-deactivated2013030: I'm currently using your Lovely coffee latte theme and I love it! (the one with the three posts) Thank you so much for making your lovely themes public! I love your blog :)

Thank you so much! <33 I just made a new one now. I’ll publish it soon :) Thanks again <33

futureofdance: I don't really have a question but I just wanted to say your blog is freaking amazing! I love it so much like seriously, it's so girly and I'm girly freak! <33

Aww! Thank you sooo much! <33 This is such a sweet message! It made me smile :) Yeah I love girly things <33

antichristmice: Your blog is adorable

Thank you!! :)

rosypi-nk-deactivated20130712: i'm using one of your themes ! i absolutely love all of them (:

that’s great! thank you!! :)

preludette: hi :D can you check my blog? been loving ur blog for like a year now! x)

Hi! Followed you! ;) Really?! Thank youu <33 I love your blog too! One of the greatest blogs I’m following. And your posts are so inspirational. :)

daninevesb: I recommended you on my blog :) I do love your blog and I already used one of your themes! do you wanna rate mine? what about that thing of giving themes? haha thank youuu

OMG!! Thank you so much!! <33 Rate your blog? hmm 8/10? :) Thank you tooo

chances-x-destiny: Hello I really Love you themes and I used a lot of them but one of my favourite is your current theme. What theme is it? Can you please tell me? Haha. Thank you!

I just made it public now! :D

madonnahakim-deactivated2013030: Hi, I'm using one of your themes, and they are lovely btw! But whenever I click "message, archive, home, etc." it goes back to your tumblr page. how can I fix this so that it goes back to my page?

Thanks!! really? i’m sorry. omg i didn’t notice that. uhmm you can ctrl + F capturingdreams in the codes of the theme and replace it with your tumblr url. i hope it helps. sorryy Great blog anyway!

pureklaination-deactivated20140: Hi, I've been using one of your themes for about 8 months now, and it's fantastic - I was just wondering if you do custom themes for people?

omg really? thanks!! :) Sorry I don’t. I just don’t have much time for that :/

elegant-s0ul: hello! :) umm im having trouble with my html coding stuff :P i borrowed this girls coding and i tweaked it and her posts showed up on my blog so i tried messing with the html and now (if u look at my blog) i have no posts showing up and idk what to do :( your help would be GREATLY appreciated <33 thank you so so much!

Sorry. I only know the codes in my theme. I’m not used to others because I haven’t used others’ theme. And tweaking others’ codes is bad w/o permission from them you know. I’d feel the same way too if someone tweaked mine. Sorry I can’t help :(

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